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Character Information
Gender Female
Other names Shizuka Minamoto (true name)
Personality Kind, sweet, caring
Alignment Lawful Good
Likes Baths, playing her violin, hanging out with Noby
Dislikes Unacceptable behaviors, People bullying others, Being chewed out for playing her violin badly
Friends & Family
Friends Noby, Sneech, Big G, Doraemon Dekisugi
Background Information
First appearance All the Way from a Future World
Latest appearance A Visitor From the Future
Voice actor Cassandra Lee Morris

Sue, also known by her authentic name Shizuka Minamoto, is a character from Doraemon.


Sue is smart, attractive and athletic. She is the most popular girl in Noby's school. One of Noby's best friends, she sees beyond his shortcomings and is quick to come to his defense. When she's not studying or playing sports, she can usually be found practicing violin and boy, does she need practice. She is also offended when someone tells her she plays the violin badly, as seen in Genie-less Magic Lamp where she attacks Noby for saying so.


Shizuka has black hair to match her manga artwork (in the 1979-2005 anime series, her hair was brown), and she mostly wears a pink shirt and a dark blue skirt.


  • Sue is known by her original Japanese name, Shizuka Minamoto, in the English manga and dub of Stand By Me Doraemon.
  • She and Dorami are the only female main characters in the series.
  • To make her more relatable to American audiences, she has been written to be more tomboyish and less "girly" than her Japanese counterpart Shizuka; for example, Shizuka's love of bathing (and the accompanying recurring joke in which Noby and Doraemon accidentally stumble into her room while she bathes, causing her to scream and throw bath objects at them) was not featured in any English episodes until the Season Two episode "The Horizon Line." (She is covered up with a bathing suit in the dubbed version.)
  • According to a side material, Sue's parents named her Shizuka because they want her to grow up and be a proper lady.
  • It is not known why she plays the violin badly, but her weakness at the skill bears a similarity to how bad Takeshi Gouda is at singing, except Shizuka does try to practice.
    • The character Thomas "Tubby" Tompkins from the Western comic strip Little Lulu has a similar deficiency with the violin in the Little Lulu Show.

Names in other languages

Shizuka earned her English name Sue from the name Susan, from Greek Sousanna, while her Japanese name means "quiet".

Language Name Origin
Japanese Shizuka Minamoto From the Japanese term Shizuka (quiet)
Latina Scizūka Minamōto
  • Gen. Scizūkae/-ās/-aes Minamōtūs/-uos
  • Dat. Scizūkae Minamōtuī
  • Acc. Scizūkam Minamōtum
  • Abl. Scizūkā(d) Minamōtū(d)
From her Japanese name.
Sūsanna Minamōto
  • Gen. Sūsannae/-ās/-aes Minamōtūs/-uos
  • Dat. Sūsannae Minamōtuī
  • Acc. Sūsannān Minamōtum
  • Abl. Sūsannā(d) Minamōtū(d)
From the name Susana, from Greek Sousanna.
Español Castillano Sizuka Minamoto
  • Gen. Sizukes Minamotús
  • Dat. Sizuke Minamótuy
  • Acc. Sizukam Minamotum
  • Abl. Sizúkad Minamótud
From her Japanese name.
Other variations Susana Minamoto
  • Gen. Susanes Minamotús
  • Dat. Susánai Minamótuy
  • Abl. Susánad Minamótud
From the name Susana (from Greek Sousanna)
Portugués Portugal-based Sizuka Minamoto
  • Gen. Sizukes Minamotús
  • Dat. Sizuke Minamótui
  • Acc. Sizukam Minamotum
  • Abl. Sizukad Minamótud
From her Japanese name.
Brazilian Susana Minamoto
  • Gen. Susanes
  • Dat. Susánai
  • Acc. Susánão
  • Abl. Susanad
From the Greek Sousanna
Italian Scizuka "Susanna" Minamoto
  • Gen. Scizukes "Susannes" Minamotús
  • Dat. Scizúkai "Susánnai" Minamótui
  • Acc. Scizukam "Susánnano" Minamotum
  • Abl. Scizúkad "Susánnad" Minamótud