2014 Doraemon Wiki
Usage Flying
Appearances 6
First appearance All the Way From the Future World

The Hopter is a gadget from Doraemon's four-dimensional secret gadget pocket. It allows the user to fly into the air. These gadgets are also known as Take-copters, allowing their user to fly quickly through the air.

Facebook Description

If you're tired of waiting for our promised jetpacks, consider a Hopter instead. Stick it anywhere on your body and fly away!



Season 1

The gadget is introduced in "All the Way From the Future World" near the end of the segment. Doraemon gives it to himself, Soby, and Noby (accidentally placing it on Noby's bottom instead of his head) so that they can explore the town, as a request of Soby.

In "My Own Golden Cloud", Doraemon brings two Hopters to a land where golden clouds are found, for him and Noby. He first uses it to save Noby after he foolishly thinks he could fly on any simple cloud. He uses it again while chasing a golden cloud to catch it.

In "Doraemon, Squared", after fighting against his square counterpart, he uses a Hopter to save a cat who was about to fall off a rock into the lake and drown. In "The Moodmaker Orhcestra", Doraemon is seen flying above the Empty Lot and he notices Noby chasing Big G.

In "Makin' Tracks", Doraemon and Noby fly around the town to find a fossil. In the season finale, "A Visitor From the Future", the Hopter is first seen when Noby, Sneech, Sue, and Doraemon are looking for Big G, and later, while the villain is chasing them, Doraemon pulls out the Hopter to escape him.


  • It is one of the most common gadgets in the series.
  • This was also known as the Take-copter in the original 2005 series.
  • There is a variation called the Bambooshoot Copter (from Parallel Planet), which allows for more manouevrability at the cost of speed. Plus, in the 1979 anime, Bambooshoot Copters allowed their user to fly downwards, perhaps for a divebomb.